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Loren R Mudd
I was born Loren R. Mudd however, after adoption, my name was changed to Loren R. Milkey. After finding out the family history behind the Mudd name I felt compelled to use my birth name on all my artwork. All my work is original. I use wood stain but  I also use natural colors from the juice of some fruits and vegetables. I have done cartooning for over 40 years and built furniture for 21 years. Each day I am excited to discover new ideas and techniques. I was invited by the Bulgarian community to provide a private art showing for the Ambassador of Bulgaria in Scottsdale in December of 2009. I enjoy discovering themes based on American and European history and lore.
I use quality selected hard woods.  Each piece is prepared separately  and applied under high pressure. Selecting soft colors that compliment one another is the most important part of my process. I want to achieve a soft and pleasing blend between the theme and the colors in each piece.
Loren Milkey

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